Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey Family, Friends, and Fans --

I won't lie. I'm getting e-mail-itis about writing home these days. I will try my best to keep this interesting and informative but sometimes, I'm just tired.

Where to start -- this week I learned how to play dominoes the real way, not just the line em up and knock em down way. I was taught by Kristopher, one of our LA members and his little brother Torrie who straight up has Vulcan ears (don't worry I'll get a picture soon). They're awesome kids and we have FHE with them and their grandmother, Sis. Bodley, every Monday night. It's a highlight of our week. I ranted for at least an hour this week about Comic Con and Dr. Who to Sis W. I have now converted both my companions to wanting to attend Comic Con. I'm persuasive about things I love. We did our laundry last week at a laundromat which was expensive but worth it for the break on our hands. While reading about what apparently seem like zombies (Matt 8:28) then possessing swine in Matthew, I did an impression of possessed swine throwing themselves off a cliff into water. It was during a lesson - Sis W. was about to pee her pants. It probably wasn't the most spiritual lesson we've had. Okay it definitely wasn't. But it was hilarious all the same. I made a meal plan because we're low on funds this month, so that made me feel organized. I had to take a bucket shower, so that was awesome. I've had two giant blisters, one on each big toe, for two weeks now. They're finally healing and itch like crazy, so that's awesome. What else ... oh, I played football (euro) against some Jamaicans on Saturday for a branch activity. I have decided a couple things ... 1) if I was in shape, I could be pretty good at that game if I practiced and 2) the best way to stay in shape in my life will be to play sports, and I'm gonna take up soccer when I get home on an intramural team. Who's with me? I learned how to do a rainbow kick (not very well, I'm practicing) and some fundamentals. We got destroyed, but we had fun anyway. We got a less active to come out and play too. His name is Patrick. He's a recent convert whose marriage has seen better days. He's struggling with a lot so we're working very hard to get him back out to church.

If you're interested in looking up some history about the Church in Jamaica, featuring Mandeville check out

www.crockettclan.org/wws/jamaica.html or google Victor Nugent.

Some scriptures I enjoyed this week were

Psalm 84:10For a day in thy courts is better than aa thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.

Want a laugh? Check out Proverbs 5:18-19. Hey, I didn't say it - the bible did.

On a serious note though, check out Numbers 15:37-40 and Mosiah 13:30-32. Think about the temple and just ponder for awhile. Some cool mini-revelations hit me I guess.

Alright what else what else -- I love cooking. I bought a Jamaican cookbook so I can treat you all when I get home (as best I can, no promises). Who knew I'd love cooking, right?

We've been teaching an awesome guy named Radcliffe, a referral from Sis. Morrison. The guy is amazing. He's smart and has got some weird ideas about things but totally willing to listen and has a strong desire to learn the truth and align his life with God's will. Hopefully things continue to go well with him, we should be seeing him again tomorrow. He can only meet during his breakfast hour (he drives taxi) but that's okay cause he buys us fritters during our lessons!

What else? Elder Tuai was transferred and we have a new district leader, Elder Trumpet. Um ... I bought a giant Bob Marley head (see photo) for basically no reason other than because I could. We had an amazing lesson with a LA Sis Goljar and her son Rhuel. We watched "The Lamb of God" and the Spirit was so strong. That family has been through a lot in the past year and their love and adoration for Jesus Christ is inspiring. I really hope to see them bounce back and move forward.

Your patois lesson of the week is:

real bad men nah mogel innah shahts

straight jeans cutoff foot pants

errybody haffa ask wheya get dem clarks

That is a song by Vybz Kartel. My favorite Jamaican song actually. It's about shoes. It basically means - a real man doesn't wear shorts ... he wears straight jeans that are cutoff mid calf -- with Clarks. lol.

I got my awesome Christmas packages this week. I felt loved, blessed, and spoiled. Thank you thank you thank you.

I shall end this email (sorry it wasn't much) with a "you had to be there" story. Two Sundays ago we're standing outside church teaching the Morrison boys how to play Ninja. The littlest one, Blake Hart Mosiah, is 4. He comes out of the building with a large pair of undies in his hand. He hands them to Sis Morrison, and everyone kinda chuckles like .. I guess he was tired of wearing them. She's holding them for a minute and then we see a giant skid mark on the back of it the size of my fist. Sis Morrison's holding them up, looking right at it - doesn't see it - and we all start cracking up. She's like .. "what?" Folds them up, keeps them in her hand. Her husband tells her to look again ... and says "Jackie your worse dan de pickeys dem" ... she sees it, sheepishly starts laughing, throws them in their van and quickly walks into the church going ... "I need to wash my hands..."

That's your "you had to be there" story of the week. Hope all is well. Enjoy the pictures.

All the love from Jamaica!


Sister Payne