Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saturday is a special day!

Saturday is the day!
Hayley gets set apart this Saturday morning. Be sure to wish her the best of luck and make sure that she has your address as well.
Here are some websites that may be of use to you-
This one is great, fast and free! You can type in your letter and it will be sent to Hayley for FREE! Check out the site and bookmark it for future use!
This one has neat things that can be sent to Hayley if you are interested in sending her a care package. Check it out!
The above link is for information about the pouch service. It is quicker to get letters to Hayley through the pouch service- keep that in mind.
Happy writing everyone- let's hope to get Hayley mail every week! Also, if you ever want to send a package, post it in a comment on here and we can get a bunch of people to pitch in the money and just share a box so it's cheaper for everyone!
Thanks for following!

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  1. Those options on the care package website are unhealthy. Probably just better to send her money so she can go buy fresh snacks locally.